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Reclosable bag

  • Coin Printing Ziplock Bag
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    Coin Printing Ziplock Bag

    Coin Printing Ziplock Bag is mainly used for packing coins and cash. The denominations and values are printed on it for easy reference and management.Read More
  • White Block Printing Ziplock Bag
  • Food Grade Printed Ziplock Bag
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    Food Grade Printed Ziplock Bag

    ​Food Grade Printed Ziplock Bag is made of 100% food grade LDPE. It is moisture proof, waterproof, non-toxic and harmless. It can be used to store a variety of food, snacks, tea, seafood, agricultural and sideline products, vegetables, fruits, cereals and dried fruits and so on.Read More
  • Slider Ziplock Bag
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    Slider Ziplock Bag

    Item NameSlider ziplock bagMaterial100% virgin LDPESizeminimum size is 100mm, or as for your demandThickness25-150micPrintAs for your request, can be customizedZipper colortransparent, different colorRead More
  • Colorful Ziplock Bags
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    Colorful Ziplock Bags

    Our Colorful Ziplock Bags are made of food grade LDPE by blown film molding. The color can be customized. They can be used for the package of a variety of small items (jewelry, hardware, toys), clothing and other daily necessities packaging.Read More
  • LDPE Clear Plastic Ziplock Bags
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    LDPE Clear Plastic Ziplock Bags

    ​LDPE Clear Plastic Ziplock Bags are made with 100% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). They are transparent, non-toxic, tasteless and suitable for food packaging. They are well sealed and are not easy to break.Read More
  • Red Line Ziplock Bags
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    Red Line Ziplock Bags

    ItemDetailsStyle Red line ziplock bags Place of origin Shandong, China (Mainland) Material100% LDPE Size Can be customized from1x1"to20x24" (2.5x2.5c to 60x60cm)Thickness1mil-6mil(25mic-150mic)PriRead More
  • Antistatic Ziplock Bags
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    Antistatic Ziplock Bags

    ItemDetailsProductAntistatic ziplock bagsMaterialLDPECustomAccept, including size,package,logo,qty etcUsagegift,jewelry,accessory,cosmetic,,garments and so on. etcPrint / Colorwritable block/panel or as for youRead More
  • Medicinal Printing Ziplock Bag
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    Medicinal Printing Ziplock Bag

    ItemDetailsProductMedicinal printing ziplock bagMaterialLDPECustomAccept, including size,package,logo,qty etc UsageHospitals, pharmacy, clinic, etcPrint / Colorwritable block/panel or as for your dRead More
  • Ziplock Bags With Hang Hole
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    Ziplock Bags With Hang Hole

    ​Ziplock Bags With Hang Hole comes with zipper seal design and hang hole. It is suitable for product display in supermarket and retail stores.Read More